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The Natural Way

Our medically fabricated device will help you get your desired nose shape. Surgery is not the only option, we offer a natural fix that works in just 3-4 weeks if done correctly!



  • Benefits

    The tool will slim down your nose bridge and nostrils while lifting your nose tip

  • How It Works

    Simply place the device onto your nose while inserting the two prongs into your nostrils

  • Consistent Usage

    Wear the device twice a day for 10-20 minutes each session for prime results

  • Guaranteed Results

    After consistent usage your nose will noticeably look more symmetrical and defined!


How long will it take for results to show?

The device typically takes about 3-4 weeks to show substantial differences. This is a substitution for getting surgery so results will obviously take longer. Luckily results can come quickly but are only apparent after dedicated usage.

What parts of the nose will be affected?

The device will slim and straighten your nose bridge. The nostrils will also be reduced in size and the nose tip will be elevated. Overall presenting a slimmer and more symmetrical nose shape.

I placed an order. When will my package arrive?

All packages ship via USPS. The processing time for orders vary within 1-2 business days. After that, delivery time within the United States is 3-5 days, and 10-15 days internationally. Ultimately the process totals to 1-2 weeks. Please keep in mind that during holidays, this time may vary. Thank you for your patience. 

Please refer to our Shipping Policy.

How many items can I buy in one purchase?

Orders are limited to 3 units of each product per person. Orders above the limit will not be processed due to a limited amount and high demand of inventory.